Momentum builds to expand the Ohio Housing Trust Fund.

1.5 million Ohioans are spending 50% or more of their income on housing.

The need for increased support for housing has been well documented as Ohio struggles to adjust to the low-wage economy, persistent poverty, and a steadily decreasing amount of federal housing assistance.

During it’s 25-year history, the OHTF has provided about $770 million for programs that serve the homeless, develop affordable housing, and fund critical repairs and upgrades that help keep seniors in their own homes. However need has outpaced available resources – OHTF funding has remained flat for 13 years and often falls short of the original $50 million/year goal because revenues decline just when the housing market slumps and the need for assistance rises.

The Ohio Housing Trust Fund has assisted over 1 million homeless Ohioans, created 63,000 affordable housing units, and helped 85,000 low-income seniors through home repair and accessibility upgrades.

Now is the time to make our case with state lawmakers about the necessity of expanding the Trust Fund to meet the need for affordable housing in Ohio.

Given the proven success of the Trust Fund over the past quarter century, COHHIO is calling for a significant expansionof the program to address homelessness and housing instability. Policymakers now have an opportunity to expand access to a safe, decent home for their constituents, while at the same time bolstering Ohio’s economy through housing development and rehabilitation.

We need your help in meeting with your state lawmakers over the summer about the need for more housing resources. You can invite them out to summer events, board meetings or even staff meetings to view the new Ohio Housing Trust video that was shown at the COHHIO conference. The video is now posted on YouTube and on our Facebook page. More information about the OHTF is available on our website.

If you are willing to reach out to your legislator but need help in setting up an event, contact me at or614-2801984 x.125.

Thanks for your support to help us #BuildTheTrust!

Please watch this video:

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