JUST RELEASED: Hidden In Plain Sight: Homeless Students in America’s Public Schools

Forty-two percent of formerly homeless youth surveyed for a new report say they dropped out of school at least once.

Fifty percent say they slept in a car, abandoned building or other public place.

And 61 percent say they were uncomfortable talking about their housing situation with people at their school.

A new study written by Civic Enterprises and released by the GradNation campaign examines the growing problem of student homelessness by asking the young people who have experienced it and the school employees assigned to help them. Find out more about the problem and recommended solutions at GradNation.org/homeless.

Download Hidden In Plain Sight, a new report written by Civic Enterprises & Hart Research Associates that examines the growing problem of student homelessness in our nation’s public schools. http://bit.ly/HomelessReport #UnseenStudents #EndYouthHomelessness


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