About Us

Project RISE Outreach is run by the Project RISE Auxiliary Committee.

We are a group of people dedicated to helping support the efforts of Project RISE in Akron Ohio.

Our group has been created by Project RISE as an extension of their work to advocate on their behalf.

Our purpose is to raise awareness of legislation that effects Project RISE and to also raise awareness of Project RISE initiatives and needs to help support the homeless kids of Akron.

If you are interested in this cause, the first step is to show your support by adding your name to our roster of supporters. You will occasionally hear from us as to what Project RISE is doing and also how Project RISE could use your support.

Please show your support for the homeless kids in Akron by showing your support for Project RISE.

Please add your name to our list of supporters:

The current chair of the Project RISE Auxiliary Committee is: Sage Lewis.